Over the previous 40 years (1982 to 2021 inclusive) - a total of 46,253 cetaceans made up of 7 species of whales and dolphins have lost their lives on the Faroe Islands

That is a yearly average of 1,156 - with the two most prolifically killed species being the long finned pilot whale (actually a dolphin species) and Atlantic White Sided Dolphin

The largest hunt of cetaceans in a single day (in both Faroese, and we believe in all of documented human history) totalled 1,428 Atlantic White Sided Dolphins which were killed at
Skálabotnur beach on the 12th September 2021
- a shameful day for a modern, 
wealthy European island nation in the 21st Century
During 2022 the following numbers of dolphins and whales have been killed in hunts on the Faroe Islands:

8th May - 63 long finned pilot whales were killed at Sandágerði beach near the Faroese capital of Tórshavn
The 1st Grindadrap hunt of 2022 was on the 7th May at 
Sandágerði beach just South of Tórshavn

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