Sea Shepherd groups around the world launched or continued 
a record 33 direct action campaigns in 2019 including:

Operation Albacore - The fourth campaign to stop illegal fishing in Gabon
Operation Sola Stella - Sea Shepherd combats illegal fishing in Liberia
Operation Vanguard - Sea Shepherd partners with Namibia to combat fisheries crime
Operation Gambian Coastal Defense - Partnership to Protect Gambia’s Marine Wildlife
Operation Guegou - Partnership to stop illegal fishing in Benin
Operation Milagro - In defense of the highly endangered Vaquita porpoise
Operation Nyamba - Protecting sea turtles on the French island of Mayotte
Operation Good Pirates - Hurricane Dorian relief campaign
Operation Jairo - Protecting nesting sea turtles and their eggs from poachers
Operation SISO - Against illegal fishing in the Mediterranean Sea
Operation Backbone - Protecting herring stocks in the Salish Sea
Operation Divinia Guadalupe - Beaked whale research
Operation Apex Harmony - To end shark culling in Australian waters
Operation Clean Waves - Tackling Ocean Pollution and Reef Health in Island Nations
Operation Treasured Islands - Anti-Poaching & Research
Operation Siracusa - Defending the Plemmirio Marine Reserve
Operation Dolphin Bycatch - Exposing dolphin bycatch on France's Atlantic Coast
Operation 404 - To end cetacean captivity worldwide
Operation Virus Hunter - For wild Salmon in British Columbia
Operation Pahu - Protecting the endangered Hector's dolphin
Operation Jeedara - Defending the Great Australian Bight
Operation Reef Defense - Protecting Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Operation Jodari - Partnership to combat illegal fishing in Tanzania
Perkunas Campaign - Defending Harbor Porpoises in the Baltic Sea
Cabo Verde Cleanup – Clearing plastic waste from Sea Turtle nesting areas

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