From Sea Shepherd UK’s foundation in 2005 the charity has supported with crew, funds and equipment Sea Shepherd’s fleet of conservation vessels on campaigns around the world. 
Then in 2014 Sea Shepherd UK began campaigns around the UK’s coastline and to other countries both independently and in cooperation with other Sea Shepherd groups around the world:

Seal Defence Campaign, 2014 to 2015 (Scotland)
Sea Shepherd UK launched a hugely successful 2  year ‘Scottish Seal Defence Campaign’ monitoring the activities of Wild Salmon Netting companies and fish farms to prevent the illegal killing of common and grey seals, and expose to the media the legal shooting of seals around the UK. A total of 71 crew from 12 countries were engaged on patrols both on land and around the coastline using 3 of Sea Shepherd UK’s fast boats.
Operation Grindstop, 2014 (Faroe Islands)
Sea Shepherd UK loaned our largest and fastest RIB ‘MV Spitfire’ to the Sea Shepherd Global’s ‘Operation Grindstop 2014’. MV Spitfire was used just a month later to save a pod of over 200 Atlantic white sided dolphins driving them away from a grindadráp bay near the capital Torshavn resulting in the vessel being chased, and later seized by Danish Special Forces and the Faroese Police. It took until November 2016 when a Danish Judge eventually released MV Spitfire back to Sea Shepherd UK. MV Spitfire is now based on the Sea Shepherd ship MY Bob Barker working to combat illegal fishing off the West coast of Africa.
Pilot Whale Defence Campaign, 2016 (Faroe Islands)
Sea Shepherd UK placed two covert filming and drone teams in the Faroe Islands during the summer of 2016 in order to document the killing of Pilot whales and dolphins in the grindadráp hunts and the close association between hunt bays and industrial fish farm sites around the islands.
Great Australian Bight Alliance, 2016 (Australia & UK)
Sea Shepherd UK joined the ‘Great Australian Bight Alliance’ in June 2016 to apply pressure in the UK and overseas to prevent the hazardous deep sea drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight, one of the last pristine ocean areas in the world and breeding area for many threatened marine creatures including cetaceans and unique shark species.
Operation Infinite Patience, 2016 to 2017 (Japan)
Sea Shepherd UK coordinated Operation Infinite Patience and the international crew of ‘Cove Guardians’ in Taiji, Japan from October 2016 to April 2017. Sea Shepherd UK crew obtained drone and kayak footage of the Japanese dolphin hunts which was used for an educational videos as well as livestreaming to the world the hunting, trading and killing of hundreds of small cetaceans in the infamous cove.
Shetland Fish Farm Patrols, 2017 (Scotland)
Sea Shepherd UK engaged in three reconnaissance patrols by land and sea during 2017 using two of Sea Shepherd UK’s rigid inflatable boats (Siren and Dragon) and a small team of divers around Shetland to research issues affecting wild fish species and marine mammals from potentially illegal practises by the prolific aquaculture (Salmon farming) industry around the islands.
Operation Bloody Fjords, 2017 to 2022 (Faroe Islands)
Sea Shepherd UK launched ‘Operation Bloody Fjords’ with land-based crew being sent to the islands every year since 2017 to investigate, document and expose the barbaric hunts to the world to bring pressure on the Faroese to end the grindadráp. Our crew have been instructed since 2017 to make sure that they film and photograph the killing of Atlantic White Sided Dolphins which (unlike with the killing of pilot whales from which the grindadrap gets its name), has always been a story the Faroese Media, their tourism board ‘Visit Faroe Islands’ and their government actively suppressed with few images and no video published. To make this point our Operation Bloody Fjords logo was designed with both a pilot whale and an Atlantic white-sided dolphin.

Sea Shepherd’s volunteer crew over the years 2017 to 2021 have documented 47 grindadrap hunts, including 13 where Atlantic White Sided dolphins, Northern Bottlenose Whales or Bottlenose Dolphins were killed.
The campaign continues in 2020...
Operation Mjölnir, 2018 & 2022 (Iceland)
Sea Shepherd UK launched 'Operation Mjölnir’ - a ground-breaking campaign to fully document and expose the entire Icelandic Fin whaling season using cameras, drones and also by live-streaming direct from Hvalur hf's whaling station Hvalfjörður. 30 crew travelled from 8 countries working in small teams for a total of 101 days cooperating with media crews from the UK, Germany, USA and Denmark. By the end of the whaling season, Sea Shepherd's crew had documented 145 of the 146 whales harpooned by the company’s whaling ships - including 143 endangered fin whales, at least 21 pregnant fin whales, 1 endangered Blue whale and one rare Blue/Fin whale hybrid.
If the whaling company Hvalur hf again targets Fin whales in 2022 - Sea Shepherd UK will once again send crew to Iceland.

Ghostnet Campaign, 2018 to 2022 (England, Wales, Scotland, Cyprus, Egypt & Bahrain)
In January 2018 Sea Shepherd UK announced our new Ghostnet Campaign to remove hazardous ghost fishing gear from coastal areas around England, Scotland and Wales.
The ongoing campaign using our small boats and teams of technical divers will remove under permits ghost fishing gear which would otherwise entangle marine wildlife for hundreds of years.

Marine Debris Campaign, 2016 to 2022 (UK, Northern Ireland and Jersey)
Marine debris is globally recognized danger to all marine life including birds, sharks, turtles, and marine mammals, causing injury or death through drowning, entanglement, or starvation following ingestion. Sea Shepherd’s Marine Debris Campaign aims to educate the public as well as removing harmful plastics and other debris from around the UK’s coastline with around 50 to 70 beach cleans each year.
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